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Law Office of Cyrus Mor

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Full-Service Employment Lawyer in California
Law Office of Cyrus Mor
8880 Rio San Diego Drive
Suite 800
San Diego, California 92108

Phone (619) 342-3932 or (800) 683-5404

Website https://www.cmorlaw.com

Law Office of Cyrus Mor Overview

We provide comprehensive employment law services in Southern California. To learn more about our law firm, call for a free phone consultation today. At the Law Office of Cyrus Mor, we believe in taking an aggressive but reasonable approach to employment law cases. We represent terminated employees who are denied their right to recover EDD benefits and guidance concerning matters related to the workplace including, but not limited to wrongful termination, wage disputes, employment discrimination, and employment retaliation.

There are numerous State and Federal laws which can affect both employers and employees when it comes to matters arising out of the workplace. Our firm represents employees and employers with regard to a wide variety of practice areas related to employment law and employment litigation. We understand that employment laws are complex and confusing, which is why we make sure that each client understands the intricacies of their case. Staying at the forefront of new developments in employment law allows our firm to provide our clients with the insight necessary to develop and ensure compliance with State and Federal employment laws and regulations.

The Law Office of Cyrus Mor represents employees who have been subject to unlawful treatment by their employers. Employees are afforded certain protections in the workplace, and when these protections have been violated, the employee may be entitled to compensation. It is important for an employee to immediately seek the advice of an experienced employment law attorney to assist in the analysis of all viable claims against employers at both Federal and State levels. We provide employers with guidance and counseling in employment law and human resources management and compliance to assist companies in proactively developing, implementing and maintaining procedures and policies to prevent future employment disputes and liability.

Law Office of Cyrus Mor Areas of Law

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