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Burke, Williams and Sorensen, LLP

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Full-Service Law Firm
Burke, Williams and Sorensen, LLP
501 West Broadway
Suite 1600
San Diego, California 92101-8474

Phone (619) 814-5800

Website https://www.bwslaw.com

Burke, Williams and Sorensen, LLP Overview

For over ninety years, Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP has served the public agencies and private business entities of California.

Today, with over one hundred attorneys and ten offices throughout California, we are fully prepared to meet your legal needs. Our clients value not only our expertise and efficiency, but also our integrity and responsiveness. In each of our eight primary practice groups, our only focus is to serve our clients so that they may receive the very best possible result: Commitment.

In all our work, and in all our areas of legal expertise, our growth and strength have derived from a commitment to serve our clients while following sound business practices in an environment that celebrates diversity and fosters professional development. Our reputation, however, is based on more than just our flexible, task-oriented approach to providing high-quality legal services rooted in our attorneys’ expertise, skills, and performance. Our clients also value us for our honesty, reliability, accessibility, efficiency, and prompt responsiveness, all qualities that form a foundation for the most important factor of all when you choose legal representation: Trust.

Burke, Williams and Sorensen, LLP Areas of Law


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