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Optima Law Group, APC

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San Diego, California Full-Service Business Law Firm
Optima Law Group, APC
4275 Executive Square
Suite 200
La Jolla, California 92037

Phone (858) 964-4697

Website https://optimalawgroup.com

Optima Law Group, APC Overview

Optima Law Group is a full-service business law firm that serves both domestic and international clients. At Optima Law Group, we work with clients representing a wide variety of industries, including technology, life sciences, academia, financial, media, entertainment, e-commerce, manufacturing, venture capital, information services, and retail and consumer products and services.

Optima Law Group’s attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property, corporate, securities and real estate law. Additionally, our litigation attorneys have vast expertise in handling a range of cases, from small lawsuits to large, institutional disputes. With significant business and deal-making experience, our attorneys often play pivotal roles in our clients’ strategic planning, corporate partnering, and financing strategies. We pride ourselves with having had the practical lessons in the business arena necessary to appropriately address our clients’ needs.

We focus on providing exceptional and aggressive legal representation in various areas of law. Our experience in the areas of intellectual property, corporate, and securities law combine to provide a unique and valuable asset for our clients.

Optima Law Group, APC Areas of Law

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